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Tips to Sell Beats Online

This is a valuable article that will teach you some great tips for selling beats online and making money […]

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Sell Beats Online Where to Start

This article is going to explain how to start up a beat selling system. If you are already at the stage of wanting to sell your beats than that means you believe your beats are hot enough to sell. We will not talk about how to make beats in this article. The first tip in this whole process is that you should come in with around 50 beats ready to sell. 50 is a good amount because it will give a good selection for an artist to […]

How to Sell Beats Like the Pros

In noticing the rise and fall of many music producers, I have observed what makes them successful and not so successful. How to sell beats like the pros has always been a burning question in my mind so I came up with a list of the traits the best selling producers have in common. Here are the 3 things your beats must have if you want to know how to sell beats like the pros. 1. They gotta be bangin’. If you don’t know what I mean […]

3 Quick Traffic Getting Tips for Selling Beats Online

Selling beats online can be a very profitable internet business these days but only if you do it right and get tons of traffic. This article will show you 3 quick, easy to follow tips you can quickly implement to get more traffic to your site and start selling more beats online right away. For the sake of argument, I am going to assume you already have a beat selling store of some sort already online. (i.e. SoundClick, Rocbattle, or your own personal site)This article is […]

The Best Way to Sell Beats

Therefore you’re a music developer along with a directory full of beats. You are aware of your beats are fire hot and also you think you possibly can make some cash off them. You possibly can create beats quickly but another thing you do not know is how you can sell beats. You have made beats CDs and sent them over to brands and music artists however, you never gained everything continuously. How one can sell beats often is the burning up problem in your mind. First […]