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How to Sell Beats Much Easier

Many people tend to ask me how to sell beats online in an automated way that makes beat selling seem simple and clean. Instead of using the old style of selling beats, meaning you put in a whole lot of labor and basically get nothing in return, you can use some simple yet effective tactics to start raking in the money while trying to sell beats online. If you want to start beat selling, selling beats on the internet and making money online, you may find that […]

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How to Sell Beats Like the Pros

In noticing the rise and fall of many music producers, I have observed what makes them successful and not so successful. How to sell beats like the pros has always been a burning question in my mind so I came up with a list of the traits the best selling producers have in common. Here are the 3 things your beats must have if you want to know how to sell beats like the pros. 1. They gotta be bangin’. If you don’t know what I mean […]

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